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European Union 2010

In thirty years, the world’s elderly population will double, a demographic transformation that will radically modify our environment. Is the actual social construction of generational diversity sustainable? Contemporary territories are affected by age-segregating zoning that tends to consider old age as a disconnected spatial, economical, and day-to-day bubble.

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation and Moho Arquitectos, in association with Gobierno de la Región de Murcia for the Observatorio Para la Arquitectura y el Diseño Sostenible, have created an All Age City, a European city network that promotes the “urbanization of old age.” The structural presence of elderly people in the construction of cities is not a charitable project. The diversity of generations is a source of richness and resiliency that increases the quality of life of the whole population. In fact, a more intergenerational context can trigger a paradigm shift that would accelerate the transition to a more sensitive diversity culture within the European Union. The project is developed through a label of quality based on ten urban principles. Shortlisted cities for that label should initiate a program to implement their habitability conditions according to these ten principles.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

Moho Arquitectos


Design, coordination and edition

Guido Brandi, Alejandro Martín Maté, Alberto Rey, Jorge Ruano



Andrés Jaque Arquitectos + Moho Arquitectos (Coordinators)

Concejalía de Urbanismo de Murcia

Consejería de Cultura de la Región de Murcia, OBS

CENDEAC, Centro Párraga

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