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About the project

Stavanger, Norway 2003

MOUSSE CITY is shaped as an alternative market system that segregates the property of this collective, residential infrastructure into shares of the building as a whole. As in the tradition of timeshares, living units are not directly attached to specific share titles, but can have an evolving-in-time exploitation by which share-holders can decide what units best cater to their evolving needs. The system thus favors an easy transformability of the dwellings in tune with the changing priorities of share-holders throughout their lives.

The design is also conceived as an ecological transparency device that allows citizens to become active participants in the evaluation of the use of energy, of the material consumption and the emissions linked to their domesticity. MOUSSE CITY aims to raise awareness and responsibility in users through two devices: ecological labeling—all the building elements have a visible badge that informs users of their embedded energy—and screens visualizing the environmental footprint of dwellings’ performance.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design and Production Team:

María-Solange Faria, Jorge Ruano, Herminia Vegas


Graphic Design

María Jaque

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