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About the project

Madrid 2007

The project explores the capacity of food to register and make sensible the relevant realities on which geopolitical conflicts depend. 1L Oil Banquet was proposed as a collective experience to make visible the energy mobilized in daily life.

A 2.5 meter high construction of black balloons spelling “OIL” graced a stage where “10 Agents of Calculability” wearing black masks and T-shirts with the text “In this tray I carry 1L Oil” would arrive. Each agent would carry a tray containing black-colored food with an embodied energy invested in its production and its transport equivalent to one liter of oil. Some trays carried 800 grams of black lumpfish caviar, others 30 kilograms of black grapes.

1L Oil Banquet was performed for the first time during the Semana de la Arquitectura de Madrid (5 October 2007) at ETSAM Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation



Natalia Solano Meynard


Energy values calculation:

Borja Gómez Martín


Graphic design:

Diana Hernández, Frédérique Paillard, Jorge Ruano


Transparency agents:

Carmen Bellas Becerra, Laia Cervello Sabate, Bárbara Climent Silvar, Daniel Fernández Pascual, Laura Frieyro, Luis Galán, Miguel González Castro, Ruth Lasarte, Isabel Martínez Abascal, Iris Sánchez Rico, Laura Riaño López, Clara Sáez, Álvaro Urbano.



Jaime Summers, Fernando Suárez, Pablo Ruiz, Alex Riquelme y Pedro Ivett



Jesús Taltavull

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