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About the project

Benzú, Ceuta 2005

Benzú District is characterized by the rich pervasiveness of inclusive urban fabrics in which individuals belonging to different ethnic groups, religions, cultures, and incomes share space and interact daily; this is in contrast to what happens in segregationist social constructions currently present in the city, like barrack-type, militarized communities or Muslim ghettos.

The proposal decodes this condition into a system that can project the maintenance of this diversity to the future. The design is conceived as a system that can stack together a number of radically diverse architectural typologies, from studio units to familiar, light-industrial units. The design is conceived to make it possible for continual evolution, so the assemblage of different micro-societies can gain durability over time.  


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design, Coordination and Edition

Helena Bartosova, Baptiste Broillet, Sarah Caperos, Rebecca Frisolí, Iris Hutinger, Teresa del Pino Charle, Pedro Pinto-Correia, Jorge Ruano, Herminia Vegas


Structures Consultants

Belén Orta


Services Consultants

Nieves Plaza


Urban Planning Consultant

Alexandra Delgado

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