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About the project


Skincare is a geopolitical practice. While caring for, cleaning, beautifying, and decorating our skin, we are contributing to the production of territorial transformations in distant locations: quarries, when we use mineral-based make-up; sheep farms, when applying collagen or elastin-based lotions; and laboratized animals, when using animal-tested products.

Cosmetics long ago ceased to be understood only as the concealment of discredited aspects of our body, such as age or illness.  The delicate exposure of the hidden geopolitical extensions of our body and the political discussions they prompt are the ultimate form of bodily decoration. SKIN GARDENS is a collection of geopolitical jewelry, meant to decorate the skin with images of the territorial transformations that cosmetics participate in.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Adeline Ruiz



Karin Rangel


Graphic design

Karin Rangel, Natalia Solano


Animation and exhibition

Natalia Solano


Fashion Designing

Amaya Scola



Bimba Bosé, Charlie Centa y Lluvia Rojo



Dolores Jabonero


Hairdresser and make-up

Rita Candela



Miguel de Guzmán



Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid

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