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12 Venice Architecture Biennale 2010

Fray Foam Home. When Decoration Comes Political

Victor Hwang Collection (London)

Domestic interiors are arenas with the necessary conditions to make the political realm possible. Fray Foam Home is the restoration of a network of spaces upon which a specific home –an apartment shared by four people, on Pez Street in Madrid– is truly built: the network of landscapes, resources and infrastructures that are necessary so that the forms of comfort, supplies and fictions that are activated in daily lives can be possible. The distribution of water, the exploitation of energy resources, the intellectual property rights or the ideology of audiovisual contents are compulsory transit points of the polemics which connect us as societies, and in which our collectivities take shape. And yet, are these political extensions of the domestic visible in the interior of houses? Is it possible to take the dispute to the point at which it originates?

Architecture often generates strategies to promote territorial distribution of uses, resources and consumptions that guarantee spheres of sweet peaceful localism. FRAY FOAM HOME stems from the acknowledgement of a discredited architectural periphery: the architecture of Christmas trees, of flower arrangements, of tablecloths, of birthday decorations and photographs taped to mirrors. An architecture of the expression, exposure and dissemination of the personal realm, of the invitation to collective events, of the projection of dreamt futures.

An architecture rendering politics that, far from creating new realities, could furnish the existing with parliamentary guarantees.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation



Walter Cuccuru, Alejandro Sajgalik


Patricia Acosta Morales, Ángela Bailén López, Diana Calvache Martínez, Mehrdad Nazemi, Carolina Silvana Vaca Manjarres, Sizhou Yang, Adeline Ruiz, Silvia Rodríguez,

Graphic Design

María Jaque


Alejandro Sajgalik y Miguel de Guzmán


Sizhou Yang


SEACEX, Sociedad Estatal Para la Acción Cultural Exterior

UEM, Universidad Europea de Madrid


MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla León

Ministerio de Vivienda de España

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Fundación Mies van der Rohe

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