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About the project

Classified 2011

The introduction of electric cars into major European cities has transformed their economies, daily life, and data infrastructures. Aiming to enter the electric automobile market, a group of car manufacturers approached the Office for Political Innovation to commission the design of a mobility center where potential buyers could experiment with the implications that electric cars will have on their lives.

Electric cars produce neither pollution on site nor noise, so the circulation of vehicles does not change whether inside or outside. The project sets the potentialities of this feature through a testing circuit that interweaves the inside with the outside in an itinerary where audiovisual devices provide an immersive informative experience.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Coordination, design and edition

Almudena Basabe, Catalina Corredor, Jorge López Conde , Alejandro Sajgalik , Khristian Serena, Dagmar Stéeova, Sizhou Yang


Sociological research

Silvia Rodríguez


Exhibition, AV and Graphic Design

BASE Desing


Environmental Consultant and Exhibition Contents

Salvador Rueda

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