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About the project

Yecla, Murcia 2010

Yecla Municipality’s plan to build a multipurpose center to promote locals’ and visitors’ awareness of the environmental value of Cerro del Castillo was levered by this project as an opportunity for a mix-use building to redefine the way humans relate to their environment. Conceived as a crossroads that allows access to the cerro, the building provides opportunities for humans and non-humans to develop ways to know each other and to experiment with coexistence. The building is designed as a puzzle of nurtured pieces of the surrounding ecosystems. These pieces are curated so that they can be read and understood by humans, and to also provide sustainable ways for humans and non-humans to experiment with the mutual adaptations needed to grow durable forms of coexistence.



Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design and Production Team:

Alejandro Martín Maté, Juliana Gutiérrez, David Segura, Ondrej Laciga

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