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Cáceres 2009

The region of Cáceres was considered until recently a territory shaped by industrial, infrastructural, and economical scarcity. Growing environmental and territorial sensitivities have radically changed the perception of the socioeconomic role Cáceres can play. Robotized agriculture, an innovative gastronomic industry, and culturally oriented tourism can benefit from the available unconstructed and unpolluted land. A new economic model is now seen as the alternative to the region’s economically depressed subsidy-based past. In this transition, new infrastructures to accelerate the evolution to new trading models are needed.

Indoor Agora interrogates, firstly, what would be the most adequate architectural typology to boost these trends and thus contribute to the competitive potential that Cáceres may extract from its exceptional environment. Resembling a natural park rather than an industrial complex, the project helps to build a landscape where the display of the products and capacities can be put in value through the visibility that comes from the protection of Cácere’s environmental heritage.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Coordination, design and edition

Catalina Corredor, Juliana Gutiérrez, Ondrej Laziga, David Segura

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