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About the project


Techno-Human is a collection of wearable devices. The project was presented as a performance at the Domestico nomad gallery in Madrid in collaboration with conceptual artist Alicia Ríos.

Techno-Human is the design of a subject, though the design of clothing: a designed character super-equipped to maximize her/his/other capacity to be intimate with strangers, and to feel at home cruising the unknown. It is also an architectural proposition, for we believe that architecture is not the production of spaces where existing beings can be accommodated, but the way material devices produce possible subjectivities.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

In collaboration with conceptual artist Alicia Ríos


Design and production

Tania Álvarez, Carmen Ovejero


Coordination and edition

María-Solange Faría, Jorge Ruano, Herminia Vegas


Sociological research

Pablo Hurlé



Miguel de Guzmán



Sybille Streck

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