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About the project

Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid 2008

Sao Paulo 300 mm is a living room in the Galaxy. Just as the way an afternoon TV talk show is able to re-enact an evening of conversation in our living room, so too does this design re-enact the city of Sao Paulo with tape, cheap plastic, bicycle wheels, and old fabrics. It is a low tech use of the same strategies with which we build the fictions of mediated daily life: Sao Paulo in Madrid with televisions and aluminum foil.

The exhibition is an infrastructure that operates in several dimensions. In the first place, it provides access to the infrastructures of the city through immersion devices both sensorial (measuring humidity, acoustic context, etc.) and symbolic (providing day-to-day snapshots through cinematographic and TV narratives familiar to Sao Paulo’s experiences).

Secondly, Sao Paulo 300 mm is also a broadcast infrastructure that compiles in the exhibition space multiple information transmitters of diverse fragments of realities: video shots, photographs, plans, and voice messages broadcasted by sometimes obsolete and old-fashioned technology that in the end is a very efficient way of transferring the complexity of the city to the exhibition space.

Finally, the most discussed issues of contemporary Sao Paulo are transferred to the daily context of the visitors through demonstrative marketing techniques. In fact, Sao Paulo 300 mm is an exhibition in which not only is what is displayed important, but also the whole debate promoted through the devices designed for the display.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design, coordination and edition

Guido Brandi, Borja Gómez, Diana Hernández, Jorge Ruano, Natalia Solano

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