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About the project

La Cabrera, Madrid 2002

A young, successful designer, with a high technological and aesthetic education level, decides to move to his mother’s rural hometown and into a stone eighteenth-century animal shed he inherited. The project is based on the premises of maintaining all pre-existing infrastructure so that the existing walls’ loading capacity can be fully used to sustain a new, light roof. The lofty space underneath remains undivided, while new uses and equipment are included in the new roof to guarantee that urban connectivity and atmospheric standards can be assembled with the environmental and social wealth southern European country sides provide. The roof contains the production, collection, canalization, and transformation of energy and rainfall; it also provides waste management and passive climatic control of the dwelling’s interior. All of this is monitored wirelessly by its owner; this allows him to both control and follow up on the roof’s performance, and it allows him to turn the roof into an environmental observatory of the surrounding ecosystem.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation



Design, coordination and edition

Jorge Ruano, Ruth Nieves, Herminia Vegas


Structural Engineering

Belén Orta


Services Engineering

Nieves Plaza

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