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About the project

Azuma Village, Gunma 2004

Tomihiro was a pioneer of Japanese ecological painting. Instead of conceiving the museum devoted to his work as a contained building, with fix defined outlines, the project imagines turning Azuma Lake into an informative ecosystem. The project proposes the implementation of a system of distributed terminals around the lake, operating as guiding and navigational devices. This, together with the enhancement of the existing network of paths, invites visitors to experience the pictorial work of Tomihiro through the experience of the ecosystem his work reflects on.

The original works are displayed at the busiest spot in the network of paths around the lake. The main buildings are knit into these itineraries. They create more paths, and thus more interaction, around the lake, so that the more the viewer wanders around, the greater the contrast between the viewer’s first experience of Tomihiro’s artwork with the viewer’s last experience—occurring after the viewer has had time to take into consideration the environs.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design, Coordination and Edition

Akiko Kudo, Beatriz Rodríguez

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