Learning from demonstrative marketing strategies (developed for Tupperware by Brownie Wise in the 1950s, and later applied by Herbalife, Avon, and Thermomix), TUPPER HOME—developed by the Office for Political Innovation and licensed by Tupper Ware—is a catalog of independent producers, offering a fixed price to manufacture and install a set of TUPPER HOME components. Homes become in this way the prototypes for future transformations, in a mouth-ear dynamic, within a network of people linked by their engagement in collective architectural experimentation. The process is designed to help in creating trust in independent domestic inventions, whose performance, as in the Tupperware parties, is experienced in a friendly environment. These inventions intensify the usability of smaller apartments, to avoid the necessity of moving into larger apartments and the subsequent impact of the increase in the cost of the mortgages of home-buyers.

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