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About the project


The Rolling House for the Rolling Society is a transnational urbanism of non-familial shared homes, happening through the melding of online and offline architectures. In the EU alone, more than 80 million people live in shared apartments: students, workers, migrants sharing apartments, young professionals accessing expensive penthouses though sharing, older people renting their empty rooms, etc.  Sharing a home is a massive and diverse phenomenon, constructed by social media, money transfer platforms, and low cost airlines, in which architecture participates in the form of occupying practices, rather than through building.

The Rolling House for the Rolling Society is a project developed in three formats: research and archive of existing cases, design strategy to empower existing cases through design, the making of a prototype. The first prototype of the Rolling House was presented and experienced in Barcelona in 2009.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation



Alberto Rey, Alejandro Martín, Lina Vergara, Camila Carli, David Gómez


Construction management

Andrés Jaque, Aser Calderón, Estrella Benito


Associate companies

Escofet, Grandhermetic, Industrias Navarrete Pich y Aguilera (Aser Calderón)



Miguel de Guzmán



Prototype presented at Construmat, Barcelona, in April, 2009



Fundació Mies van der Rohe

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