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About the project

Princeton University SoA 2014

For the past 15 years the Office for Political Innovation has explored the question: What happens to architectural practices when common notions of the urban (as something confined in CITIES) are replaced by notions that the urban is contained in URBAN ENACTMENTS (ordinary interactions in which politics are produced)?

URBAN ENACTMENTS are TRANS-SCALAR and TRANSMEDIA constructions. They mobilize objects, technologies, beings, buildings, and environments. They make constellations of heterogeneous entities that gain continuity (as a contingent urbanism) as they perform together as the components of a shared situation.

From this perspective the way in which the material embodiment of the political has been discussed in architecture in recent decades can be challenged. Both techno-determinism and techno-neutrality are confronted by a sense of SHARED-AGENDAS that account for the political as a way of disputing and associating between agencies activated by numerous individual entities.

The works included in this exhibition are not architectures designed to be later occupied by society, but rather techno-societies in which architectural design attempts to gain relevance.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Exhibition Coordination

Roberto González García



Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Research Directors

Andrés Jaque, Silvia Rodríguez


Multidisciplinar Team

Pablo Hurlé, Patricia Peña, Álvaro Carrillo, Walter Cucuru, Roberto González, Alejandro Sajgalik, Dagmar Stéeova, Sizhou Yang


Art Direction

Jorge López Conde

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