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About the project

Molina del Segura, Mucia 2018

The house has been conceived as an observatory of everyday nature. The different uses are distributed around an elliptical statuary marble crown from Massa stabilized with polished bronze tie bars. The crown is an architectural device, acting as both a circulation system for the house and as a stage that turns the daily life of the house into a self-mirror device among its inhabitants.

In Italian baroque tradition, the use of the ellipse adds dynamism to the observation process. Without the possibility of a unique privileged point of view, one must move around the house to experience it fully.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation with Miguel Mesa



Roberto González García, Laura Mora Vitoria, Nieves Calvo López, Ana Fernández Martínez, Marina Fernández Ramos, David Gil Delgado, Marta Jarabo Devesa, Paola Pabón, Belverence Tameau.


Structural Engineering

Iago González Quelle (QL Ingeniería)

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