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About the project

Oslo Architecture Triennial 2016 2016

Pornified Homes is a video installation showing the way the British colonial project of installing sexualized specimens of the Victoria Amazonica water lily in aristocratic domestic compounds, still remains in the way Brazilian male sex workers occupy a network of residual backyard homes in Central London’s most exclusive locations.  This project was produced with the support of the 2016 Oslo Architectural Triennale entitled After Belonging and was exhibited there for the first time.

“Brazilian” is the number one search at (the number one UK male escort website with 686,565 annual users). Pornified Homes examines the constellations of online male prostitution, and the architectural media by which they exist. An urbanism made of escorts’ apartments, online profiles, district transformations, and bodily reconstructions has been founded on the colonial tradition by which Amazonian ecosystems were comprised as exoticized components of aristocratic domestic environments.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Videoinstallation presented for the first time at Oslo Architecture Triennial 2016: After Belonging.



Andrés Jaque, Paola Pardo, Roberto González, Laura Mora, Julie Klovstad, Michael Nathan


Audiovisual production and edition

López Conde, Eduardo López, Elena González


With the special collaboration of

Carlos Magdalena, Bruno Santos, Marco da Silva, Rafael Montes


Voice-over actress

Elizabeth Sanjuán

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