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About the project

MAK- Austrian Museum of Applied Arts /Contemporary Art, Vienna 2017

“Rendering Wikihouse a Wikivillage” is a prototype of an open source community made of Wikihouses that expands the open source shared knowledge involved in the process of the development of a single Wikihouse to the complexity of daily community life. The Wikihouses and their processes, once they are constructed, are not isolated elements, but complete urbanisms made of objects, technologies, beings, buildings, and environments as constellations of heterogeneous entities. The Wikivillage takes into account this collective dimension to render the Wikihouse project into a community constructed as a political arena where the limits of the domesticity are not confined inside the dwelling unit of the Wikihouse.


VIENNA BIENNALE 2017. Robots. Work. Our Future

StadtFabrick / City Factory: New Work. New Design

A project by the MAK and the Vienna Businness Agency

Curated by IDRV – Institute of Design Research Vienna (Martina Fineder, Harald Gruendl, Ulrike Haele

MAK Exhibition Hall, Vienna

21 June – 1 October 2017


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design and Production Team

Roberto González García, Andoni Arrasate García, Ignacio Burgos Alvarado, Eva Candela Castaño, Juan Manuel López Carreño, David Martínez Torrado, Darío Vilaplana Palomino, Ana García Ródenas, María Felío Pérez



Peter Kainz/MAK

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