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About the project

Madrid 2007

Transparency Actions developed during La Noche en Blanco, Madrid (September 22, 2007)


People waiting in a queue emit sounds imperceptible to human ear. The transparency action makes them perceptible with the mediation of electronic devices. Small corporal microphones are distributed among those who wait and then the most personal sounds will spread to the public, creating a unique composition. This ongoing generated symphonie will be played life for all of them who have created it.

Radio Mundo

The queues in La Noche en Blanco gather people with several origins from around all the world. The richness of this situation has been made visible through sound-transparency systems using world’s radio stations that elaborate the cartographies of all the territories and regions connected to Madrid. The system distributes ten speakers that broadcast the radio stations of the origin regions or countries of the people occupying determined positions in the line.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design Team

Natalia Solano Meynard, Karin Rangel, Jorge Ruano, Allesandro Armellini, Pablo Hurlé, Leandro Morillas

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