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About the project

Madrid 2014

OJALÁ is the architectural response to the diversity of the Malasaña neighborhood, a diversity that is expressed throughout daily life as an accumulation of different ways of chatting, meeting, eating, and drinking.

The place manifests diversity through design strategy as an assemblage of spaces where architecture promotes different relationships and engagements: whether through ambience, furniture, one’s relative position to other people, access to food and drinks, a greenhouse open to the street, a big table shared by clients and staff, stands that encourage informal conversations with strangers, or an artificial beach for the re-enactment of a hedonistic day-to-day existence.

The gender neutral bathroom is conceived as a TransGender Parlour. It claims transitioning as the specificity of existence. A transmedia setting makes legendary people, who have significantly contributed to the construction of a shared trans agenda, emerge from the walls.


Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation


Design, Coordination and Edition

Sebastian Bech-Ravn, Ljubo Dragomirov, Roberto González García, Senne Meesters, William Mondejar, Jorge Noguera Facuseh, Silvia Rueda Cuellar, Jarča Slamova


Quantity Survey

Juan Pablo Prieto


Graphic Design

Jorge López Conde


Artistic Intervention Program


Roberto González García



Dourone, José Ja Ja Ja, Eva Solano



Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero

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