Paul B. Preciado. Andrés Jaque. 03.10.2014


Just as if they’d been the subjects of a telepathic experiment during the Cold War, the affirmations, readings and projects by philosopher and activist Paul B. Preciado (Burgos, 1970) and architect Andrés Jaque (Madrid, 1971) have been corresponding, over years and over great distances, with notable coherence. Their physical agendas coincide, for the first time ever, in the chapel of the Convent dels Àngels, part of the MACBA complex (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art). There, they finally have the chance to agree on the presence of minorities in their work, and the technological and political factors that put pressure on the enveloping discipline, and determine that architecture is no longer just that combination of metaphorical games in which, often, it is simplified.

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