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About the project

Masdar, Abu Dhabi 2015

The project, commissioned by Masdar, a company headquartered in Abu Dhabi partly devoted to the transition towards renewable energy projects, consists of the development of a prototype for communal meetings adapted to the extreme climate of the Persian Gulf (with temperatures rising up to 49 degrees Celsius). Based on the Office for Political Innovation’s long-term research on mobile devices designed to promote social encounters, the prototype—made out of structures more than 30 meters long—includes surfaces of photovoltaic panels that provide energy to the installed equipment and services that smooth the ambient temperature through advanced bioclimatic techniques.

The two constructed prototypes are now in testing phase and will be installed in public places where city events occur. The Office for Political Innovation is developing now the first iteration of the prototypes for future versions.


Andrés Jaque / Officce for Political Innovation


Roberto González García, Laura Mora Vitoria, Santiago Benenati, Ljubo Dragomirov, Miguel Coloma Cervera, Alberto Heras, Hernández, Flavio Martella, Alejandra Sánchez Londoño


BAC Engineering Consultancy Group




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